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Oasis - a small fertile region with the presence of water and vegetation in a desert. A pleasant place with a view of its surroundings, a mirage, a glimpse of relief. The word originates from the Ancient Greek language term oasis, meaning "dwelling place".

This is the essence of the collection: to be home.

In a place like the desert where discomfort and despair could prevail, we want to be oasis: to be relief, to be comfort, to be home.

OÁSIS is about feeling ourselves when we dress, about identity, but also spontaneity. Feeling comfortable in our style and in our skin.

A collection where Fashion embraces us with its practical function reinventing a minimalist wardrobe closet of essentials yet elegant pieces through the design of details that make all the difference and that make the collection timeless.

OÁSIS is entirely developed from the company's unused materials to create a sustainable collection using up-cycling method.

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