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SS 23

Earthy offers a warmer fusion between different natural tones. A calming presence and a nostalgic appeal, calling to mind earthen clay buildings and Sahara landscapes on Morocco, as well as the retro gold-tinted filters that have become ubiquitous on social media.

Color has never been more important in design than now. In a period of peak information and diminishing attention spans, it is your best tool to cut through the clutter and stand out. As more and more consumers are scrutinizing brand values and looking to buy into not just a possession, but also a story and a mindset, it is your key to communicating the right message.

As far as design goes the leading aspects of this collection are transparencies, a mix between delicate see-trough knits, and rough/raw heavier materials.

With focus on feminine details and accessories for women, plus a more athleisure approach for men.

To enhance the nature and theme, the entire collection has a focal point on being created by not only deadstock materials but also sustainable natural fibers, among them organic cotton, lyocel, tencel, etc.

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