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The earth has become too small to accommodate our desires and fulfil our ambitions.

So we have had to leave for a place where there are no barriers, no limits to our creations and our imagination.

Polaris from Latin stēlla polāris (“pole star”), the so-called north star, has been the brightest star in the sky for centuries, used as a reference for orientation. It was crucial, for example, in navigation and exploration in the age of discovery.

To help us on this path of discovery, we count on the help of the polar star to guide us in the right direction.

Without uncertainty. Without fear of change.

Let's now, look deeper into the Universe and all its mystery. Our imagination and evolution are also closely related to the 'Metaverse' and the need to escape reality.

The key colours of the collection refer to ‘Space exploration’ and the natural tones of the galaxy- an outer reality experience.

We need to expand our horizons to the mysteries of the "origins of the Universe", allowing our imagination to run wild!

The pole star is a fixed star that has its own light. Just as the star stands out in a multitude of stars because of its brightness, we want our logo  to shine like  this! We want to shine brighter and stand out in this competitive industry through our professionalism, class and the way we work.

Our internal collections are completely developed from the company's non-used materials to create a sustainable collection using up-cycling method.


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