Textil Nortenha was established in 1954. And for 65 years soon became leader on producing garments for women, men and Kidswear. 


Business is based on fundamental principles such as ensuring quality and Sustainability of its products. Working with efficiency, flexibility and celerity in meeting deadlines.

​An experienced and dynamic team, focused on the specific customer needs, is always committed to research with an involvement in the latest trends of materials, finishes and accessories, from the market. 

Aiming to create and embrace a close relationship with clients and brands and taking them as business partners, effectively responding to the individual needs of each one.


The know-how acquired through decades of experience, linked to a strong entrepreneurial spirit, allows to offer with professionalism, a diversified range of products.

PME Líder award granted to Têxtil Nortenha stands for a statute that aims to strengthen the visibility of mid-cap companies and acts as a seal of reputation and encouragement in the pursuit of business dynamics, which contribute to sustainable wealth creation and social welfare.

Business is conducted in accordance with high ethical principles, social awareness, and to ensure well-fare to employees, and trade partners.

We have been distinguished by being one of the most social responsible companies in Portugal, by promoting policies that allow conciliation between working life and family.


Our goal is to keep improving, so we conduct self assessment surveys, both “in-house” and with our subcontractors. 


Reports are uploaded and updated in SEDEX, allowing our trading partners to monitor our status.


We are always open to customers' own audits.

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